Saturday, October 1, 2011

Season of Gratitude

Let me back up for a minute here. On Halloween of last year I was in a car accident (some guy didn't look before turning left on HWY 351 and the I-20 access road). It totaled my Saturn (Sally the Sexy Saturn, may she rest in pieces), which was the car I had gotten for my 16th birthday. During the accident I slammed on my breaks and had braced my right arm against the button for the horn. This shock of the impact caused that whole side of my body to get messed up, and my hip took most of it. Fast-forward through months of going to the chiropractor and many days of barely being able to walk...

I'm no longer in treatment though it will take awhile for my hip to regain it's strength and flexibility (walking around the mall is enough for it to be sore the next day), I have my range of motion back.

So, what I'm grateful for is that it seems as if we are close to closing the final insurance claim. This accident resulted in three claims, and this one has taken a long time to get done and required my calling the office once a week.

I'm just glad to be putting this all behind us.

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