Saturday, October 29, 2011

Etsy Update

It's been another busy week getting ready for the holiday season. The shop's getting a lot more traffic (four days over 100 views, and one over 200!) and more publicity including two blog articles! I've been busy in the treasuries as well as listing new items and remaking the current listings. One thing you may have noticed is that all the listings now begin with a quote! This was something I thought would help the listings to stand out as well as put a little more "Amie" into each piece. 

Well, here's the run down of what's gone on this week:

Blog Features:

New Listings:
  • Orange Bumble Bee Soap- Another little bumble to buzz his way into your heart. (link)
  • A Purple cat rope toy- Simon loves these so much, it's hard to keep him away while I make them. (link)
  • A new cross shape soap. This one is also green and vanilla scented, but a more delicate design. (link)

Cross Soap
  • Green bar soap in sweet pea. (link)
  • Wedding cake soap in Yellow and Japanese Lotus Blossom. These are great favors for wedding showers or receptions! They are also wonderful for welcome baskets for out-of-town guests. Discounts are available for large orders. (link)
Wedding Cake Soap
  • Angel soap. These are great for Christmas gifts and appreciation gifts for Sunday School teachers. (link)
  • Pair of Roses soap set in light purple with invigorating scent blend. For someone else, or as a gift to yourself, these roses pack a wonderful luxurious scent. (link) 
Rose Blossom and Rose Bud Soap Set

  • Mini-presents soap set. These little soaps are shaped like gift boxes with bows. They are great for use in a guest bathroom this holiday season! (link)
  • Stripped bar soap. Three shades of blue soap packed together for a unique look. Great for the eccentric or teenaged bathroom! (link)
  • Aloe Vera soap disks. I'm really excited for these new soaps. They have aloe vera extract infused within the soap to help heal and restore. Two colors are available and unscented for you to try this awesome new soap. (Cranberry) (Blue)
  • Happy Hippo! This little guy just brings a smile to my face. He's so fun and cute. Blue and sandalwood scented this makes a great gift for any new mom or mom-to-be! (link)
Coming Soon:
  • A combo of the cranberry and blue aloe vera soaps.
  • A jar of bath salts made with real sea salt.
  • More Christmas ornaments.
  • Many more novelty soap shapes, colors, and scents.
Featured Treasuries:

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