Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etsy Update!

It's been quite the busy week! Here's a rundown of what's going on with the store.

What's New:

  • A Purple and White loom-knit scarf! Thick and comfy, these scarves are some of my favorites! (link)
  • Extra-long and so cheerful, this nursery yellow scarf was a long time coming. (link)
  • Bouncing, beautiful, blue butterflies! Fresh rain scent, and the perfect little pick-me-up. (link)
  • Robin: The Joker's Wild Part II Upcycled ornament! This comic features an old school style Joker with guest appearances from Batman, Edward Nigma, Alfred, and Harvey Dent! Can you find them all? (link)
  • Book scarves! Hand-knit mini-scarvf bookmarks! Solid in pairs and available in three color combinations. (Green) (Black) (White)
Coming Soon:
  • Fleece plush cat toys in geometric shapes.
  • A purple fleece cat rope like the orange one already in the shop.
  • A navy blue loom-knit scarf in a pattern not seen before!
  • iPad and iPhone knit cases!
I have been really honored with the number of treasuries my items have been in this week! I really appreciate the positive feedback from my fellow etsians.

Keep an eye on the shop for new items being posted every week. There are plenty of items with free shipping to help you cross off your Christmas list without breaking the bank. And for those who are local, there is free delivery within the Abilene city limits for purchases of $10 or more. I also plan to be at November's Art Walk. 


  1. Pictures would be nice....LOL..♥

  2. Great treasuries Amie and lots going on. How exciting!!

  3. Looks like you've been super busy.

  4. I have been busy! As of this posting, the shop now has 62 items! I'm trying to hit the magical 100 by Thanksgiving.

    Monkia- I'm hoping to have time to put up at least some pictures with the next update. I've had to sort of rush through the last couple.