Friday, August 1, 2014

A Whole Month of Selfies?

If you're joining me on this journey of One Month of Self(ie) Love, you may be thinking you will run out of selfies to take. I mean, come on, there's only so many ways to take a selfie, right? Maybe... Here's a list for some inspiration. Many thanks to Marlo from Night Dreams & Daymares for helping me come up with this list. Feel free to comment below with more ideas.

  1. basic selfie
  2. with someone you love
  3.  doing something you love
  4.  doing something you're good at
  5.  learning/trying something new
  6.  doing something healthy
  7.  eating your favorite food
  8.  outside
  9.  favorite body part
  10.  making a silly face
  11.  happy selfie
  12.  be active
  13.  creating something
  14.  wearing your favorite shirt/outfit
  15.  fancy selfie
  16.  with friends
  17.  with family
  18.  your favorite place
  19.  first thing in the morning
  20.  at work
  21.  showing an accomplishment
  22.  about to go to bed
  23.  right out of the bath/shower
  24.  the emo selfie
  25.  the in the mirror selfie
  26.  in the car selfie (but not while driving)
  27.  bad hair day
  28. full body
  29. listening to favorite music/watching favorite show
  30. upside down selfie
  31. reading selfie
  32. messy selfie
  33. productive selfie
  34. lazy selfie
  35. hand drawn selfie
  36. over emotional selfie
  37. excited selfie
  38. angry selfie
  39. post workout selfie
  40. awesome selfie