I believe education and self-advocacy are the two most important tools in anyone's life toolbox. Obviously what I post here will be my opinion and swayed towards my biasis. I don't apologize for that nor will I ever try to hide it. This is my space to share with the world what's going on in our family and what works for us.

I welcome you to take what information you can and apply it to your life. I welcome questions and dialouge. If I feel your dialouge is overly negative or is not helpful to lifting up others, I reserve the right to delete it. (It's my blog, I can do that.) However, I promise I won't delete something just because it disagrees with me.

I'm not God.

I don't have all the answers.

I'm just one woman trying to do what's best for her family and encourage others to do the same in a loving a positive way.

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