Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Season of Gratitude

This morning as I was driving Philip to work I saw a rainbow. It was vibrant and long and was a beautiful way to start the morning. As we stopped at a traffic light, I thought that my eyes were messing up because all of a sudden, I saw two rainbows. I looked again, and sure enough, there were two rainbows in the clouds! The second was slightly faded, but there were clearly two.

I've always loved rainbows; I guess every little girl likes rainbows. However, I've grown to love them even more as I learned to appreciate their meaning. At the end of the story of the flood, God makes a covenant with Noah that He will never cause the waters to destroy the earth again even though humans will deserve it. God placed the rainbow in the sky and declared that from that day forward, the rainbow would remind Him of his promise to Noah and He would have mercy on the people on the earth.

The rainbows this morning were so special because they were a reminder that our God is a merciful God. No where does God say that He will hold back the floodwaters if we behave. God's covenant even states that mankind will have evil in their hearts and will fail to do good, but God will remain faithful to His creation and will look on it with mercy.

This mornings rainbows were not just a beautiful way to start the day, but they were a miraculous sign of the merciful and loving God whom I am so grateful to know.

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