Friday, February 1, 2013

Momma Must Haves: SwaddleMe

I hate wrapping a swaddle, but Alex loves to be swaddled. He doesn't hardly sleep if he's not wrapped as tight as a maternity band on a nine month belly. Luckily, there's a solution to our problem: SwaddleMe!

Tiny Alex in his SwaddleMe

SwaddleMe is a blanket that is sewn in such a way as to make a perfect little baby pouch-straight jacket combo. When opened it looks like a T. You place baby on it and put their feet into the little pocket/pouch at the bottom. Then you take the right side and wrap it as tight as you can to the left and tuck it in. It will velcro to the top of the pouch as you do this. Then you take the left side and wrap it tight and velcro it to the patch on the right side flap. It's that simple! Your baby is now tightly wrapped and snug as a bug.

What I loved about it: I loved how easy it made swaddling, even when Alex was squirming all over the place, I could still get him in and swaddled up. I really love that it's not a huge blanket. Even if Alex were to get it to come undone, he wouldn't have a giant blanket on his face. For this same reason, the day care can also use these whereas they aren't allowed to let him sleep with a blanket in the crib. The fabric is rather lightweight so it isn't too bulky. They also come in some really cute patterns and some have slots to allow for a carseat harness so you can wrap baby up before a trip as well.

Alex asleep in his SwaddleMe with his hands escaping.

What I didn't love: The SwaddleMe can get really tight, but if you're anything like me, you don't want to pull too tight and it be uncomfortable or even hurt the little one. Well, if you don't get it tight enough, those tiny arms can escape. This can defeat the purpose of the swaddle. Like I said above, it is a lightweight fabric which is better than a similar item I have in fleece, but sometimes Alex will sweat in these. Now, he would probably still sweat just as much, or maybe more, in a swaddle blanket, but still, it doesn't seem to be the most breathable fabric.

Overall, I love these and would highly recommend any new moms grab one or two to try out. You never know what your baby might like, but I loved using these.

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