Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Signs You Are Addicted to Cloth Diapers

  1. Stuffing and putting away diapers is your form of nightly meditation.
  2. Your baby's changing table is your "happy place".
  3. You pick out your child's outfit for the next day based on what color diapers he or she has clean.
  4. When you see a mom buying disposables at Wal-mart you have to bite your tongue to keep from saying "You don't have to live like this."
  5. You spend your lunch hour shopping for just one diaper cover.
  6. When you have a pregnant friend your first question is "Are you going to cloth?" and not "When are you due?"
  7. When you see a baby you think "I have the perfect diaper for that outfit."
  8. You can never have enough diapers, and your husband has accepted this fact.
  9. You just ordered diapers and already have a list of the diapers you want to buy next.
  10. You wrote a blog post on ten signs that you are addicted to cloth diapers and every single one is true for you.

I might have a problem... But at least it's a colorful one!

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