Sunday, February 10, 2013

Anatomy of a Cloth Changing Table

When we were first looking into cloth diapering I kept wondering what all we would need and how to set up a good changing table, after all, I could only find people talking about setting up a changing table for disposables. Well, here's our changing table. We use a dresser in the nursery, but you could use a traditional changing table if you'd like.

A- Alex's reflux meds. I keep an extra wipe there for them
B- Homemade wipe solution; Peepee TeePees (Dad requested);
Infant Saline Solution; Bulb Syringe
C- Changing Mat (We opted to not use a cover. It makes it easier to wipe down.)
D- Lotion (Regular and Nighttime), Coconut Oil (CD safe and used for rashes or irritation),
Bac-Out (We spray it onto poopy diapers and use in the wash.)
E- Wet Bag- An Alva rubbish bag that we hung on a Command Strips hook
F- Cloth Wipes (extras in the drawer)
G- Brave Monkey- was mine was I was little, now he's there for Alex. :)

Top Left Drawer
This is where we keep our pocket diapers.

Middle Left Drawer
This is our Gdiapers. Alex currently wears the medium size.
A- Gpants; B-Cloth inserts, C- Pouch
[Bottom Left Drawer is extra storage.]

Top Right Drawer
A- Paper liners from Gdiapers. We use then when Alex gets changed
in the morning but hasn't had his morning BM. (He's usually pretty regular.)
B- Extra cloth wipes
C- Extra inserts for pocket diapers
D- Extra microfiber inserts that are smaller than our regular inserts.
We use these to double at night sometimes.
E- Three-layer bamboo inserts, also used for doubling.
[Middle Right Drawer holds fleece liners, fitteds, and covers for nighttime use.
It was laundry day so that drawer was empty.]

Bottom Right Drawer
Extra wetbags and changing mats for travel.

And so there you have it. It's nothing special, but if you're trying to figure out how to make it all work, I hope this helps. Depending upon what type of diapers you use, your set-up might look a little different. Not everyone uses the same products so you will need to adjust to your own needs. Happy Diapering!


  1. Good for you doing the cloth diapering. We tried but at the time didn't have a washer or dryer, and keeping up with the hand washing just got too overwhelming for us. We plan on trying with the next child.

    I wish you luck in keeping up with the laundry, as well as wanting to say your changing table looks great.

  2. Thanks, Eryal! The laundry has just become part of my routine. We don't have a personal washer/dryer but we do have a laundromat in the next building and we hung a line on the porch.

    Good luck with the next baby. I'm very passionate about cloth diapering. If you have any questions with the next one, please let me know!

    1. Thanks! I defiantly will ask any questions I think of for the next one.