Friday, July 5, 2013

Caribbean Cove

This past week the Abilene Zoo opened their new Caribbean Cove exhibit. We were very excited to get the opportunity to check it out. They have over 30 new species in this exhibit including a two-toed sloth! They've redone the old reptile house to feature some new amphibians and their exciting research on the coqui frog!

The new exhibit opened in late June. 

This handsome fella welcomes you as you come up to the new exhibit.
There's a beautiful collection of new birds.
The Two-Toed Sloth! He wasn't very active, but still rather exciting!
This prickly little one has an awesome open "enclosure".
I love that you can actually watch them as they work on the coqui frog research.
They've also posted updates near the window on their research.
The zoo has been able to breed some frogs and have already learned
tons about the frog's breeding that no one knew before!
I'm so excited to watch as their research progresses!
Our Abilene Zoo is partnering with a group in Puerto Rico
to study the adorable Coqui Frog.

 I'm very excited for the new exhibit! It was so hot when we went last week that we weren't able to stay long, but I hope we can go again when it's cooler and spend some more time with the new animals. I love our little zoo and look forward to watching it grow!

We are zoo members and frequent the zoo often. I did not receive compensation of any type for this post.

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