Friday, October 31, 2014


I fell in love with The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I saw it on VH1 back when I was in high school. Little did I know that there were others out there who loved Rocky just as much as I did. Then, in college, my eventual roommate shared in my love of Rocky, as did my one-day-husband, and I went to my first live show in Ft. Worth. It was crazy and wild and awesome and I couldn't get enough. I went with different friend groups a few more times that year, but then I just kinda stopped going. No real reason why, it just didn't happen.

But then... I heard about a shadow cast here in little ol' Abilene! Finally, I could go see the show with other Rocky fans again! This time, I even dressed up, and won the costume contest!

Me dressed as Magenta!

It was so much fun! The local shadow cast, named Untamed Things, performed at Play Faire Park, a local putt-putt place that is  owned by one of the best old hippies out there. There just so happened to be a group from a theatre conference that was also there. It was great, even though there were some technical difficulties. The audience was wild and fun. The cast was interactive and exciting. It was a great night overall. Sadly, I had to miss their most recent show due to my surgery, but I can't wait for them to pick up again in the Spring!

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