Monday, May 20, 2013

Boingo: Cool Name and It Works!

Boingo Diaper Fastner (photo from Chickapea Baby)
Over the weekend I tried my first extended tab prefold (review to come). This was my first diaper that didn't have snaps or aplix and I was a little worried. I had seen Snappis before, but they were a bit confusing and I couldn't ever find them locally (I probably wasn't looking in the right places). Anywho, I was trying out this diaper and decided I'd give the Boingo a try.

The Boingo is two little gripper pieces on a tight rubber band type thing with awesome stars on each end. You attach one side to each side of the diaper and you're done. It really was pretty simple and now I don't know why I always thought they were so daunting.

I was worried about using it as I had heard that the Snappis aggravated reflux in some babies, but I didn't notice any problems with the Boingo. (I've never tried the Snappi so I can't compare the two from personal experience.)

I got mine from Chickapea Baby for $5 per pair. (Link to purchase) It worked really well and was really cute. If you're going to be using any type of diaper without built-in fasteners, this would be my recommendation.

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