Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Butt Paste

I got a tube of Boudreaux's Original Butt Paste from for review. It happened to come in the mail right when we were dealing with that nasty stomach bug and Alex's first diaper rash. Great timing! We used it right away.

Now as you may know, we use cloth diapers and with cloth diapers you have to be careful about using diaper creams as they will leave residue and will make your diapers repel. We had a box of paper diaper liners so we used those as a barrier between the diaper and the Butt Paste.

The Butt Paste worked. His diaper rash cleared up rather quickly. I probably saw an improvement in the rash within the first three or four diaper changes. The cream wasn't too bad to get off my hands and it didn't have any sort of yucky smell. Overall I would say that the Butt Paste was a success.

However, as the diaper rash cleared, the little guy's bum got really dried out. He had such terrible dry skin on his bum and on his scrotum. Once the rash was mainly gone and I noticed the dry skin we stopped using the Butt Paste and switched over to coconut oil. The coconut oil has healed up most of the dry skin, but his scrotum is still pretty dried out. :(

I would say that I am glad that the Butt Paste got the rash to go away, especially considering the stomach bug Alex had, but I wouldn't buy it. It left the little guy's skin so dried out. It's been a little over five days since we stopped using the Butt Paste and his skin still isn't make to it's normal baby softness. Perhaps Alex just had a bad reaction to it, but I didn't like the Butt Paste overall and wouldn't recommend it.

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