Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Tomorrow I return to work. Philip will stay home with Alex the next two days and then next week it's off to daycare. I absolutely hate it, but I am forcing myself to focus on the positive and all the good things that will come of it:

I work so that:

  • We can pay off our student loans from our education that allow us to provide a better future for Alex.
  • One day we can buy a house and Alex can have a yard, and a dog, and walls of his own to color on and mark his height in the door frame.
  • Alex will know that women and moms are just as important in the workplace as men and dads.
  • Alex will know that his mommy cares about people who often don't have anyone else to care about them.
  • We can provide the best life possible for Alex.
I've heard many working moms say that they feel like they are better mothers because they work, and that they find the time they spend with their children is sweeter, richer, and more intentional than when they were at home.

Now to watch Alex sleep some more. :)

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