Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Season of Gratitude

Today I am grateful that we cut Simon's nails. As some of you know, he has a bit of an aggression problem. We think it's linked to the fact that he ate some crafting supplies as a kitten which acted like a neuro-toxin and left him with an occasional tremor. We think he might just be a little brain damaged which leads to more aggression.

All that to say, he's been pretty aggressive the past few days, and we couldn't figure out why. Well, when Philip got home from work he noticed that Simon had some fuzz stuck in a claw. We then looked, and saw that his claws had gotten pretty beat up. Our apartment has cement floors and they do a number on his claws. When we saw how bad they were we decided to trim them up. Simon hates getting his claws trimmed, like most cats, but afterwards he was an angel.

He's been sweet and rubbing up against us, wanting to be petted. He's laid down in our laps, and actually wants to play. The poor thing was just trying to get us to pay attention to his feet, and we didn't know it. Finally, he's feeling better, and I think my arms and legs might get some time to heal.

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