Sunday, November 13, 2011

Etsy Update

I started my full-time job as a service coordinator this week. It's been crazy busy, but I love it so far. However, that doesn't mean I've neglected the shop. I did have to miss Art Walk due to my back hurting, but I plan to be at Hickory Street's Open House this weekend!

First on the list of what's happening: I have a Tumblr account now! You can find me here: I've just barely gotten it started, but I hope to build it up in the coming weeks. Don't forget, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest, too!

Blog Features:

I'm honored to be featured in this awesome blog post. If you're looking for Christmas gift ideas and stocking stuffers, check it out:

New Listings:
I've added larger listings for custom orders as well as a bunch of new soap shapes, colors, and introducing new Lemon Verbena scent. The Lemon Verbena reminds me of Lemon Head candies and is incredibly fresh smelling.

Owl Soap

  • First on the list of new: I've put up listings for orders of twelve to twenty-four favors for various soap shapes. When you purchase one of these listings, you get to choose your color and scent(s). This is an easy way to plan for any upcoming parties! (Link)
  • Tree Frogs: A great impulse buy or stocking-stuffer! (Link)
  • Pair of Owls: Two adorable owls for your washing needs! These guys are in the new Lemon Verbena Scent and would be a great way to get a little sniff of this fresh scent. (Link)
  • There are two sizes of ladybugs for all you ladies out there! (Trio of Mini-Ladybugs) (Single Larger Ladybug)
  • I'm also proud to introduce you to Tulip Soap. This soap has real tulip petals within the bar. (Link)
  • Also, a bright blue, Sandalwood bar is now up in the shop. This color just brings a smile to my face. (Link)
Coming Soon:

I'm thinking of focusing the shop on just the soaps and letting the scarf listings expire if they don't sell this holiday season. This means that there will be many more soaps going up in the shop in the coming weeks. I've got many shapes, colors, and scents you haven't seen yet and hope to create more listings for larger party orders as these soaps make such awesome favors and gifts!

Featured Treasuries:
I've been blessed by the number of curators who have chosen to include my items in these awesome treasuries. I encourage you to check them out for some great gift ideas!
Curated Treasury:
Here are some amazing animal photos for you to ponder.

Thanks so much for your support everyone! I reached 101 items today! I really appreciate all your support and encouraging comments. 

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