Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crazy November!

November was a super crazy month for us! Thanks to some very generous family members we bought a house and moved early in the month. Then Alex turned one! (Can you believe it?!?!) We had a little birthday party at the house for him and it was great, though we didn't have any furniture at the time (and still don't really, but it's supposed to be delivered on Saturday!).

Alex then reacted to his chicken pox vaccine and got the pox down his leg and all over his bottom. Poor little guy's booty then got staph and he got meatitis. During this time he also cut another tooth, moved to a floor bed, weaned off formula to whole milk (which made him very gassy for a week or two), and is now only getting a bottle at bedtime. A lot has happened in his little life!

I feel like we're finally starting to get a good groove in the new house and getting Alex on a great routine for both mornings and bedtime. I hate that I went silent on my lovely readers, yet again, but sometimes you just have to put first things first. I hope your advent season is off to a great start! I'll be seeing you again soon I hope.


  1. kind of an odd thing to fixate on, but I thought they didn't give the chicken pox vaccine until the child was 11, or am I just out of date on that?
    Hope Alex is healing well from the outbreak.

    1. The Varicella vaccine is given between 12-15 months according to the CDC schedule. You can find the recommended schedule here: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/parents/downloads/parent-ver-sch-0-6yrs.pdf

      If I remember correctly, when we were kids you didn't get a chicken pox vaccine unless you made it to middle school without catching wild chicken pox. Nowadays wild chicken pox is fairly uncommon, mostly because we vaccinate children at such a young age.

    2. ah, that makes more sense. I know I had to wait till I was 11 before they would give me the vaccine. I suppose my daughter has already had the vaccine then. Huh, if they would just say it was for chicken pox instead of Varicella I would have already known this I suppose.