Friday, September 17, 2010


So, I'm sitting here in class, and I'm pretty bored. All I really want is to be snuggled up in bed with the husband. But, that's not quite an option. Instead... I'm going to think about pumpkins. Oh my... I just have to say, I love pumpkin. Now, I'm not a big squash eater, in fact, pumpkin is the only squash I eat, and it's always baked, not in soup or anything like that. You know what else is yummy? Hot apple cider... I made a really yummy cider last year. I hope I still have the recipe somewhere. I'd also really like some hot tea... It's still pretty hot out, but it's starting to feel like Fall, and it's cold in this classroom so I'm wanting some Fall. Also, a classmate made some pumpkin whoopie pies (pretty good, the cream was a bit too rich for so early). I'm wearing a sweater which is comfy, but it smells from sitting in my car for a week or so... Yep, I'm done now.

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